Saturday, November 15, 2008

Fall Fishing On The Manistique River

I got the bug for fall steelheading and took off to the UP ( Upper Pennisula of Michigan) to fish the Manistique River. Its been at least 5 years since I've fished the river and wasn't suprised by the changes. First I knew that they were going to cut the dam wall in half and the project was complete. Wow did it change the river! The first day I wandered around not really having a clue where to find fish, my 2 best fishing places from the past were just trickles of water. Not to say you couldn't catch a fish there but not with the water I was looking at.

Some of the upper wall holes are still there but shallower than they were but I did catch fish there when I was able to fish them by myself, you had to stand away from the drift or you would spook the fish with your shadow. I was hoping to catch a few steelies but only hooked 3 or 4 in 3 days of fishing. I did land a 15" brown I should have kept but released it. On Friday and Saturday there were a good number of kings in the river and I did hook into about a dozen each day so that was enough to get my arm and shoulder sore. Out of shape for this type of fishing, but also looking forward to a trip next spring and fall.

I took a few pictures but didn't take my camera alot because I was afraid of falling and getting it wet. I wasn't sure of the crossing places anymore since the changes that have taken place in the river. I just knew if I fell my only concern was not to float out to the BIG LAKE! I hope you enjoy the few pictures of the river I took, and the fish I kept.

Hopefully the posts will come more often as the hard water season takes off,



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