Sunday, May 30, 2010


Sorry for the late posting of the opener pictures but its been a busy 2 weeks. The fishing this year was slow and spotty but when we talked to other groups we did alright. With groups fishing in waders and and 3 boats fishing Little and Big Winnie we probably caught 50+ walleyes in 2 days. Bill and Bruce caught 3 of the most impressive fish wader fishing in Little Winnie catching three 26"+ walleyes Sunday afternoon. That evening David and his boat caught 18 walleyes on little Winnie. After celebrating the catch Wheeta (I still really don't know how to spell your last name) treated the campfire group to a late night laugh fest!! He had all of us laughing for 2 hours straight and and we went to bed with sore bellies from laughing too much. WTG Frankie you are a true comedian of the camp fire crew. On asking if all 12 will return next year all will return and we may grow to use the resorts last available cabin. Soon the resort will be all ours for the opener...OMG watch out Little Winnie Resort!!

What will 2011 bring?



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