Sunday, May 30, 2010

City Auto Glass Walleye Classic

Wednesday after Zach and I traveled to Lake Vermillion to prefish for the City Auto Glass walleye tournament. We fished many parts of the lake for 3 days and found only one spot that produced aggressive fish. Zach found a scattered rock field in Pike Bay with his Humminbird graph's sidefinder display. Along with being able to see the rocks on several passes we saw fish on or around the rocks. Over the three days of prefishing we took 30-40 fish off this one spot. Friday afternoon we thought there would not be enough fish left there to enter to tournament, but when we went to the sign-up and heard all the horror stories of teams really not finding active fish we decided to enter. GREAT CHOICE because we caught a total of 38 fish on that spot for the tournament on Saturday. We actually left to return to the weigh-in an hour early because we ran out of bait. On the way in we were confident that we had enough fish to get into the money. When we weighed in there were only 3 other teams that had a bag of 6 fish and we had a pound on those teams. With a dozen boats left to come in we decided to take a walk we were too nervous to watch. Returning we were still in first place with the second place team only .03 pound behind us and 4 boats to still weigh. To make this long story shorter ....WE won and made a check of $10,500 and an invite to AIM year end championship on Big Winnie.

Thanks to Zach and his Humminbird Graph for giving us a chance to find the fish needed to win the tournament!!



Blogger Razzle Dazzle said...

Very nice! Congratulations!

31/5/10 13:25  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You only had .2 lbs lead not a pound. How did it go this year? Heard the winners have been top 3 for 3 years in a row.

25/5/11 18:40  

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