Tuesday, March 29, 2005


Bruce was lucky enough to get in one more fishing trip. He got on Red lake on Saturday and fished for 3 days. I joined him Monday morning and we caught 16 crappies and 4 on Tuesday morning. Lots of fun especially when there were about 10 walleyes mixed into the catch. This will probably be my last ice trip this year…..BUT you never know. I hope to post pictures from this winter that you haven’t seen , hopefully this will keep your interest until we can start the open water fishing season.

The ice on Red Lake is still in good shape but the accesses are all rutted and water about a foot deep is not uncommon. Things will get worse quickly so the ice fishing days are number for this year.

Hope you can get out one more time….I’ll try,


We did catch a few crappies during the day, mostly the walleyes were providing the action. We caught many 17 inch fish. Posted by Hello

In three days of fishing bruce caught 30 to 40 crappies.....Made the last trip of the year memorable for him. Posted by Hello

Bruce is holding up some Red Lake slabs. Posted by Hello

Sunday, March 27, 2005

No fishing this weekend....but soon

I promised to keep you posted so I’m here to tell you about perch jerking. Been perch fishing twice during the last week and have had fun. I haven’t caught many but have seen some 8 to 10 inch perch and those are nice fish.

This is a work weekend so all I can do is think about fishing and am doing quite a lot of thinking…. THANK-YOU. I sent my brother up to Red Lake this morning and will be joining him on Monday. Word has it he can’t keep a line in the water. Sounds like the action is fast….HEHEHE….we’ll see!

Well this is the best I can do for the moment, put your line in the water and see what you catch. Good luck,


Wednesday, March 23, 2005

I know I have been lax in updating the blog but the fishing has not been good enough to even talk about. As you have seen I have been building fishing rods for the open water fishing season. I still hope to ice fish some more in the next couple of weeks and will try to post pictures and reports. Steelheader Posted by Hello

Believe it or not there are still crappies in Red Lake I was doubting that fact. Here are 2 nice slabs caught this weekend. Posted by Hello

Sunday, March 06, 2005

I'm in the process of building some spinning rods. I've taken a few pictures of some of the steps during the building....It's hard to describe what's happening but I hope you find it interesting. May publish a few more pics as I complete the butt wraps on the rest of the rods. Enjoy. Steelheader Posted by Hello

I hope Austin will like his name in the butt wrap of his spinning rod. I know he'll get alot of use from the rod. He's a fishing machine. Posted by Hello

This is the finished 'E' Posted by Hello

The letter I'm working on here is an 'E'. The groups of thread on the left represent the top and bottom runs of the 'E". Posted by Hello

The finishing touch for the rods I build is the weaved into the butt of the rod.You can see the first letter is an 'A' all threads on the right side are covered, any thread laid to the left becomes part of the letter. Posted by Hello

This is a picture of the first eye of the tip section of a two piece spinning rod. The green wraps hold the eye to the blank and also reinforce the connecting ferrule. The gold is for show...hehehe. Posted by Hello
I couldn't resist temptation and the never say DIE mentality of a fisherman, but like the other days I've spent on the lake it was an unprductive day. Well I tried and will await the next trip but I think I'll wait till the most of the snow has melted from the lakes. Hopefully that will create some action. I will begin weaving names into the fishing rod butts I'm building and will show some pictures soon....FIND some biting fish...PLEASE....Steelheader Posted by Hello

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Hey Hey...I'm still alive

Well as much as it looks like I gave up on blogging here comes an up-date. Fishing has been terrible, so what's new, but I've been out two times on beautiful days. Unfortunately the fish have not cooperated and the trips have been enjoyable gab sessions. I have the weekend off so I probably will be fishing again, hopefully the fish will be under my house and not on the other side of the lake.

I'm starting to think about spring and open water fishing, I've started building four new fishing rods and hope to have some pictures to show you soon.

Hope you can find some biting fish,


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