Saturday, February 24, 2007

May be starting a blog soon

This is getting to be annoying trying get this blogg working like it should. If I can't get onto the blog consistently I will post a link iin my title box that will give the address of my new blog. The title will probably be: MY NEW FISHHOUSE ANTICS.

I HATE TO MOVE TO A DIFFENRENT BLOG BUT THIS ONE WILL NOT ACCEPT THE POSTS OR GIVE ME ACCESS CONSISTANTLY. BTW it would be nice if a blogger with problem could access the originating staff, post your problems on a help page and get helps not neccessarily staff. Obviously your problems may not be theirs so the importance to them is questionable. Enough bitching about blogger BETA.

Will keep you posted if I move,


It Works....For Awhile I Think

I think that it maybe working...I hope I can count on it for more than a day. These are vids from last weekend and they were a pain to post because blogger beta was barfing on me. The test for me is if I can get onto the blog when I get home, right now I'm posting from work. I've made some changes to the look and how the posts are archived. If you need to or would like to see previous posts you have to look through the archive list in the right hand column.

Hopefully this is going to work,


Zach thinks he's about to catch a crappie....Suprise it's a walleye

Bruce struggles to remove his hook from the mouth of a walleye

Bill caught a big crappie on a rattle reel.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Frustrated With BLOGGER BETA

Well I tried to post yesterday but the super duper BOGGER BETA won’t let me. I’ve been trying to fix my blog for 3 days and have had expert help that was very appreciated, but I think that the problem lies in the beta blogger itself. I’m going to see if the problem will be fixed by the staff because I see others are having the same problem. If I can keep putting on some post that some of you can get to I will. If things don’t change I will put a link on the to a new blog . I have to decide if I want to go with another host, or stay with blogger. If anyone can still get into the blog and give an e-mail at

I will continue to try to get help and fix the current fishhouse chronicles.



Thursday, February 22, 2007

Bill's 15 1/2" crappie....WTG Bud!!
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Saturday, February 10, 2007

A Cold And Windy Day On Red Lake

Friday I took Mickey fishing on Red Lake on the assumption the weatherman was going to be right with their prediction of light ans variable winds. WRONG....besides starting at -20 the winds were probably 10-15 MPH, so the windchill was probably-20 to -30 all day. To top that off the fish weren't moving and we missed half the bites we had.

We ended up keeping 1 walleye and a perch, but had fun moving once to find fish and trying to keep warm. I hope Junior enjoys mickey's video and shows it to his workers back in Japan. Hope to see you in March.

I hope as the weather warms the fishing will improve. The fishhouse will roll next weekend.... fish or no fish. Good luck to the fishermen braving the cold.

Till next weekend,


Hello Junior...Mickey wishes you fishing on Red Lake instead of working in Japan

Friday, February 09, 2007

Mickey's Keeper Walleye

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I Know the Blog looks like a Mess

I've been stuborn lately and convinced that I could find a way to publish my short fishing videos. I did get them on the blog yesterday but they were clumsey and awkward to view and you were sent to AOL to view them. It worked but I knew their was an easier way. I searched and found a blogger called Peter Chen who assists amatures like me and he detailed how to attach video clips to your blog....THANK-YOU Peter!! His web addy for those of you who need help is as follows:

The 3 clips I wanted to blog are below and the other tests are still there unfortunately because this new up-dated Beta blog SUX! It won't let me delete them so just skip looking at them. The next set of vids will look more professional so bear with me its always a learning experience for this dude....SORRY.

I hope you enjoy these vids as they are, they will get better and I will not try to get cute and hold the camera sideways. It doesn't work as you will see in the clip of Zach catching a walleye. It is a neat perspective though.

As always catch them if you can,


Here's a walleye that was below the fish house for about an hour. He would come and go but took forever to bite

Here's an easier way to view the video

Last Minute Crappie Catch

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