Monday, November 28, 2005

HO HO HO Tis The Season

The tree is up, bring on the Holidays.
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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Fishing Scary Ice 11/27/05

Well the waiting is over, the first ice fishing weekend has ended with mixed success. Saturday Zach and I fished 2 different lakes and caught a few fish but nothing to keep. To be honest the first lake shouldn’t have been walked on, 2 1/2 inches of ice was a little scary until we got used to the cracking.

Sunday was a good and a bad day, lets me describe the bad part first. It rained all day and there was an hour that was a downpour, with mist and light rain the rest of the time. The GOOD part was the fish were biting, we ended up with 2 limits of nice sized crappies. These were not the Red Lake 12-14 inches crappies but we saw 9-11 inch fish, not bad for a little pothole of a lake. I hope you enjoy the few pictures I took in the rain, I hated to expose my camera to the elements but the first trip of the year had to be recorded. In a few of the pictures it seems like we’re walking on water, we were standing in about a quarter inch of water from the hard rain we fished in. The ice was safe at over 5 inches in all the places we drilled holes.

Until the next outing,

Zach is hitting a couple of holes hard here. The shiny surface on the ice was a quarter inch of water from an hour of hard rain.
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The temperature for fishing were nice, but the rain we got was more of a downpour. We sat in the fish house for an hour while there was a steady rain.
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We moved to three different spots on the lake, these were caught in the second area we fished.
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Zach had the hot hand, here he catches one of the many we released.
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Nice early season crappies and one very nice perch.
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Saturday, November 26, 2005


Thanksgiving 2005 was a large affair at our house this year, in attendance was Nona Anne, Poppa Rudy, Jeff, Michelle, Danni, Jackie, David, Marla, Cade, Austin, Alyssa and Aisha. The turkey didn’t stand a chance by the time everyone left the table there wasn’t enough turkey for a sandwich. The other fixings rounded out a great spread for all in attendance. We also had a special event after the meal, we got to celebrate Cade’s sixth birthday. When David Jon called him earlier in the week to wish him happy birthday, Cade told him it was the happiest day of his life and that he’s been waiting all his life to be six. We all have to wish him many more, best days in his life.

I took some pictures that I hope everyone will enjoy, sorry that all members of the family were not able to attend this wonderful Thanksgiving meal. We all hope your own meal was as great as ours was.

Now we can all look forward to weeks of exercise to get back to a reasonable weight…HEHE,

Sorry I caught you at a bad moment Marla, but Alyssa, Donavon, Bella and Griffin need to see why David is so taken with you and your family. Jackie and I are very impressed also, you and your family are wonderful. Posted by Picasa
A little wine after dinner will calm the masses. We had a hungry crew for thanksgiving after everyone left the table there wasn't enough turkey left to make even one sandwich. Posted by Picasa
Michelle maintains after dinner and a hard night out at TJ's the night before, today diet Coke was as strong a drink as she could handle. Posted by Picasa
Rudy watches the football games as he relaxes after thankgiving dinner.
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A real scary bunch.
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Irish eyes will smile on this pretty young lady.
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Nice picture Austin and Danni, Cade is another story but fun is his middle name. Posted by Picasa
Smiles did not seem the be the order of the day. HMMMMM. Posted by Picasa
It's great when the kids can get together and tear the house apart. The back row is Jackie, Danni, and Austin. Front row is Alyssa and Cade. Posted by Picasa
Noni is giving Cade last minute instructions about blowing out birthday candles. Posted by Picasa
Cade got a big kick out his cousins Bella and Griffin singing happy birthday to him from California, its too bad they couldn't attend the happy event. Posted by Picasa
Here's a present that any family needs, a NERF gun. I wonder how long it will take to hide the darts it shoots......have fun MOM and DAD. Posted by Picasa
A pretty big pile of presents, not a bad haul Caders. Posted by Picasa
Cade poses with one of his birthday presents. His statement about his birthday was " I've waited all my llife to be 6 years old", 6 is so long ago most of us only know that it was too many years ago. Posted by Picasa

Friday, November 18, 2005


I guess I have to say thank-you to the visitors I get viewing my blog, and to those who visit my blog to place your pathetic ads .... *#$&- OFF!! I write the blog for myself and for my family, I'm not a daily blogger but I like to share events that happen to those close to me. This is a slow time for me because I'm changing seasons,but the ice fishing season will be starting soon so the pictures and the stories will be flying.

Stay tuned, I may suprise you on any given day! !


Sunday, November 13, 2005

The New Generation of Hunters...WTG Austin

After helping brother Bruce with his buck, I get a call from my son David and was told that Austin shot a buck. The hunting success continues in the family because David shot 2 does the first weekend. Looks like we're going to be BBQ'ing some venison soon.

I hope the hunters keep doing well because there are a few deer running around and many travelers are hitting deer on the highways.

If anything more happens...You'll be the first to know,

Austin Beaty bags a very nice 6 point buck.
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Very nice BUCK Austin...WTG bud. Hope you have continued hunting success!! Posted by Picasa
We have hunters a buck and a funny face on the left....LOOKING good Caders. Posted by Picasa

Friday, November 11, 2005

Deer Hunting Made Easy...Turtle Style

Well all you deer hunters that lament about the time spent in the woods, here’s a story for you. Brother Bruce hunted last weekend and didn’t shoot his deer in the Alex area a shotgunning area. Looking at the forecast for the Range he decided to hunt this weekend here. Bruce has been letting my son David use his rifle the last 8 years so he went out and bought a new one, sited it in on Wednesday and drove up north last night. He was road hunting all day today and saw 3 deer that he was not able to get a shot at. Tired of driving he decided to walk into the woods at about 4:30 in an area that we scoped out a year or so ago. Fifteen minutes after standing by a wood pile he turned to his right and saw a 7 point buck looking at him, ten seconds and 1 shot later he calls me on his cell phone asking for help to get a deer out of the woods.

Way too easy, but Turtle has always been an excellent hunter….WTG Bro!!

Later all, Steelheader
Brother Bruce found a nice 7 point buck.
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Not bad for a day of hunting.
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