Saturday, September 24, 2005

Nothing Exciting Just A Great Day...Enjoy

Happy Birthday Bruce, I hope you got your card yesterday. Who would of thought we have moved into our late fifties. Now that the formalities are out of the way yesterday was a busy day. I hopped on my bike at 8 A. M. and had a great coooollldddd ride, nearly froze my @ss off, but I took some great pictures that I hope you enjoy.

Then it was off to get the fishhouse out of storage and pull it over to DJ’s and Marla’s. The golfing was the best part of the day though, it was truly a gorgeous day and the golf wasn’t bad either.

September is rushing by as we’re into fall officially, take time to get outside and enjoy the good days. Soon the pictures I’ll be taking will be of snow, ice and ice fishing ;-)).

Nothing prophetic or earth shaking in today’s message, just enjoy the pictures if you couldn’t enjoy the day yourself.



The fish house is out of storage and with a little tinkering it will soon be ready for the ice fishing season. BTW this is what got this blog started. Stupid inspiration...HEHE!! Posted by Picasa

Here's a picture of one of Marla's horses. Enjoy Bella and hopefully you can see them in person next summer. Posted by Picasa

This is the 14th green and the spectacular view of Trout Lake, Eagles Ridge has it all. Posted by Picasa

Northern Minnesota fall is the prime time for outdoor activities, take time to enjoy them. The snow and winter will show their faces soon!! Posted by Picasa

Eagles Ridge golf course is in the best shape of the year and the trees are starting to show some color. Posted by Picasa

At the end of my bike ride Mr. Scott the schools Py Ed instructor had his morning class out for some excersize.  Posted by Picasa

It was a cold morning, at times my fingers were numb, but the morning sights were worth it. Posted by Picasa

Last night we saw the first frost of the year, the leaves will start to show their colors now. Posted by Picasa

With the sun shining I thought it was a good morning for a bike ride. It was 38 degrees so the ponds near the trail had a pretty fog hanging over them. Cold ride but worth it. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Hey......I Went Fishing Today.....SUPRISE

I'm sure everyone that reads this blog....all 3 of you have been wondering if aliens abducted me. Sorry that did not happen but chores that should have been done this summer are taking up alot of my time. Does this mean that I procrastinate a little.........Hummmmmmmm....guess so if I want to be honest.

I did go fishing today but I left early and the fog I was in (I'll use that as an excuse)...I left my camers so you'll have to believe me when I say that Mickey and I caught fish. We kept 3 small fish that will make a nice meal for Rudy and Anne, and we had to let 3 fish over the slot size go. They were beauties, two 17 and a half inch walleyes and a 20 incher. Mickey lost at least 20 another fish( every time he looses his bait he lost a walleye, he's better than most at knowing these things....TRUST ME I HEAR IT ALL THE TIME). Anyway we had a good time and with a strong wind that prevented us from fishing too many sopts we did great.

Tommorrow is a golf day and then Jason and I play in a tourney at Eagles Ridge on Saturday. Jason is Marla's brother for those of you who may be wondering who this new name in the blog is. Those who don't care. yawn and find another blog to read or porn it up before you go to bed.

Hopefully more fishing is in the future, I do know I have to finish at least 2 more windows before the snow falls, I hate this pressure.

I hope your weekend is great ...Fall is the best time of the year in northern Minnesota and hope it is for you also.


Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Not Meant To Be

Well I said I would up-date you on the golf playoffs....We lost but we played well. I lost my match by 1 stroke and 1 hole in match play. We weren't too disappointed tho, we were the underdogs and we did bark enough to scare the opponents. Golfing right now is prime, no crowds and the grass is as green and lush as it gets.....fall is the perfect time in Minnesota.

When I finish the windows a little fishing may be on the adgenda.

Till later,


Saturday, September 10, 2005

Fall Fix-up Time....BORING

The routine is getting to be boring but that's what fall usually has in store for me. The temperatures are getting milder and I start to think about finishing a few fall projects, today after waking from night shift I primed a window that I stripped of paint, and then a burst of energy sent me on a bike ride.. OH by the way I will take some pictures of the fall leaf colors soon they are getting to show themselves.

Hey Donavon we won our last league golf playoff game, we play in the championship game on tuesday night. It would be a scream if we could pull it off, they have a 2, 4 , 10 and 15 handcaps against our 14,14,14 and 26 we could give them a run for their money.....Stay tuned.

As the waters of the lakes keep falling the fishing will pick up and I will try a few outings and I promise more pictures. My writing sux so I don't have the fire to write about my misadventures, I hope you can forgive me. I'm trying to figure out when I can get out to Cali for a visit and some golf if I don't break my clubs before I go.

Well the sweat from the bike ride has almost dried so I can ladder up to my window and put on another coat of primer....Sorry about the sweat thing I know it's more detail than you need to know right now.....HEHE.

Looking forward to a great fall,


Sunday, September 04, 2005

I'm Still Here....Just Not Talking

Well I've been travelling through the blog world. You should try it once in awhile to see what's out there, you go to the top right corner of most blogs and the click on next blog.....but beware what you find. It can be interesting or scary depending what you values in life are. Me, I'm more than a little boring but I started this and will keep on blogging, at times you will see gaps in my ramblings.

I guess I can tell the reading public that in our golf league on Tuesday last, I did beat Zach our new club champion, I got lucky and played well enough to take advantage of a few of his mistakes. I tried to give the match away myself, but I can't stand properity as I told my team partner that nite Al Burton. He just shook his head as I barely rolled off the tee box on the 17th hole. We play again on Tuesday, the playoffs now are down to 4 teams. Not bad for a bunch of old timers, I'm the youngest and will be 56 tomorrow....Happy Birthday to ME!!

BTW....My doctor gave me another year, you can't ask for more than that...HEHE

later all


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