Tuesday, November 30, 2004

why why why

Needless to say there isn’t enough ice to talk about this years fishing, so I’ll try to explain why I feel strong about doing this blog. A couple of years ago I was golfing in S. California with 3 local golfers. They said how nice it was that I could enjoy golf when everyone else in Minnesota was freezing their butts off. Yes it was nice golfing(my other summer passion) but, I told them I was missing the best ice fishing of the winter.

They had a good laugh and asked how fishing on ice in Northern Minnesota could be fun. As I remember I didn’t have a good answer for them, this winter as I talk about ice fishing trips readers will understand why many Minnesotans dream of our frozen lakes.

Att: This will not be a site that will be updated daily as I work 12 hour shifts and will be fishing on many of my days off, but those who are patient hopefully will be entertained and educated.


Sunday, November 28, 2004


The end of November and the lakes have just frozen.(sigh) The bright side is that in 2 weeks we should have enough safe ice for most area lakes.

Being a newbie to this, a test dialog is what we have here.

this will change I'm sure so stay tuned.


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