Sunday, September 17, 2006

Crappie Action On Pelican

Mickey and me thought fishing would be more exciting than watching the Vikings or the Twins, so off to Pelican we went. I can say we were a little disappointed in the size of the crappies, but we found plenty to catch. We landed more than 30 small fish and I caught a 19" walleye. It was a great day of catching and a wonderful 3 hour trip. I'm hoping the larger crappies will be getting active soon and the large walleyes will settle into the rock ledges around the islands. I found some quality fish last fall and will be looking for them again.

Have a great week ahead,

Mickey was in his usual spot, standing in the front of the boat, he needed his sealegs today we saw rollers all day.
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Some fishermen hid behind the island and fished, looked like a beautiful spot to be anchored.
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During the day we saw sun along with thick clouds, but the wind never died down and at times gusted to about 20MPH. Fun day if you had a big enough boat, I have one fortunately!!
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Along with the small crappies caught I found this 19" walleye in 26' of water. A very pleasant suprise!!
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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Sorry I've Been Lax About Posting

I'm apologizing again for no active on my blog, but the last 2 weeks I've had back problems and have been house bound. The back is starting to feel better so I hope when I find a nice day I can go fishing. Today it's raining so I'm going to try to catch up on my home projects.

As everyone is aware fall is here and the fishing is picking up and I hope to get out,. I will be moving the fish house out of storage soon. I have a week of vacation in October and I may pull the house to Little Winnie and fish a couple of days on big and little Winnie.

With nothing going on I ramble, I hope all can get out and enjoy the fall activities.


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