Tuesday, April 26, 2005

A Beautiful Morning of Fishing on the Baptism River

Since I was expecting a normal Minnesota spring morning, 28 degrees and snow, golfing was out of the question so fishing was the logical choice. I packed up the truck and left for the Baptism River at 4:30 in the morning. Its a 2 and a half hour drive but the thought of the river and maybe a fish kept me awake. When I arrived at the river and found I'm the only fisherman this morning, I'm shocked. This is a very popular steeheading river at this time in the spring. Its a long walk to the good fishing so I took pictures along the way, I hope you enjoy them and make the river a place you want to visit sometime.

BTW I saw 3 fish and hooked 1 that ran me around for about 10 minutes before it ran around a rock and got off. All worth while when you have fish on. The only steelhead that you can keep are the hatchery fish so in most instances about 75 % of the fish have to be returned to the river. Catch and release fishing has brought back a sustainable wild population of steelhead to the Minnesota northshore.

Anyway I had a great day and hope you enjoy the pictures.


There are so many areas that a fisherman or hiker can take great pictures or just sit back and enjoy the views of the river. Posted by Hello

Wild water that really does not pose a problem for the moving steelhead. Posted by Hello

This is another great view of the river looking downstream from the first barrier. Posted by Hello

This is the first barrier that the steelhead must navigate to get to prime spawning areas in the river. Posted by Hello

This is the section of the river I was fishing. I had seen 2 females and a male spawning in front of the rock on the far shore. There were probably other fish in this area but I spotted only 3 different fish. Posted by Hello

This is a view upstream looking toward the stopper falls. Posted by Hello

The river splits around 3 islands in this section giving a hiker a spectacular view. Posted by Hello

This is as far as the steelhead can go in the Baptism River. The stopper falls, when there are alot of fish in the river you can see them jumping into the lower levels of the white water. Posted by Hello

Monday, April 25, 2005

Ranger Roots : They Come From Great Beginnings

Thanks for the comments and and a brief history of your origins. Feel free to comment or post .. ITS great to know I have a reader. I know I'm not a Daily blogger but work gets in the way...BUMMER... I like to photo document my adventures and misadventures so many of my daily activities don't make their way to the blog. I'll try to be more vigillant and post .

BTW Minnesota spring has arrived we have a few days of 40's with rain and snow to look forward to.

Later all,


Sunday, April 24, 2005

Sitting at work with Casey

Casey and I are really bored.... Cruising through the blogs of the world....Later...


Friday, April 22, 2005

Marking time till the opener

I have been busy but I can't say that I've been having fun. I've finished 2 more fishing rods and haved tied about 30 dozen jigs in the last 2 weeks. I sold 18 dozen jigs today so the time I've put in was worth it. Took the boat out to Little Winnie yesterday and my motor crapped out, so to the shop it went. Better now than when the fishing season starts, want nothing but good trips this year.

Been doing some golfing, today I got a little crazy and golfed in 45 degree temperatures and 20 MPH winds. I justify this by saying you have to golf a few days like this so you recognize good weather. DUH... Look at the course and notice you're the only 4 some out there. Someday common sense will prevail...SOMEDAY!!

I just had to let everyone that I'm still around and its just 3 weeks till the opener. :-))

Get ready ...ITS coming fast.


Tuesday, April 12, 2005

When your swamped with projects...GRAB another

Well the time has come that I have to make walleye jigs....The famous Winnie jig is now in production. I have 34 dozen to tie and will probably make more. I don't want any fisherman to go without an abundant supply of the magic jig.

I also took on 2 more rods to build and I want to start golfing and....There's always a chance for some steelhead fishing.....I need to retire....WISHING.... not going to happen soon.

HEY buck-up dumbshit I did it to myself. Tommorrow I have night shift, but long weekend is ahead.

The lakes are opening up fast, I saw the DNR setting up nets on Little Cutfoot for the spawning walleyes. We may actually have a good opening weekend this year...lets hope.



This is the most popular colors a red and silver tinsel. This will catch the wily walleye. Posted by Hello

Here's one of my favorite colors...silver and gold. Also in the background you can see some of the tools of the trade. Posted by Hello

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Rainy River Day

Well it was Friday April 8th and this kid was bored being in the city!! So like a dummy I went fishing. HEHEHE. Like many others today I went fishing on Rainy River because of the lure of the big walleye, every year many 20-30 inch fish are caught as the fish move from Lake Of The Woods into the Rainy to spawn. My luck this year hasn't changed much…I was too early. With the season ending on the 15th of April I went on the first nice boating day, the wrong day. Of the 50 or so boats that I fished among I saw 3 walleyes caught all day and I caught a sucker. I didn’t get skunked as Mickey said.

Enough sarcasm, we had a fun day the weather was in the 60’s and sunny. A great day to be on the water. I took some pictures of expensive boats and they weren’t catching fish either. Now I guess its time to wait till the opener on May 14th. I will check in with pictures and maybe some golfing stories. WAIT a minute!!! No it doesn’t have anything to do with fishhouses but hey…THAT’S what I also do in the non-ice periods. Hey I can make-up words if I like, ITS my blog. Well anyway till the next time.

Catch-em if you find them,


Mickey took the fishing very seriously he had many bites but nothing for the table. Posted by Hello

What a beautiful day to be on the water. Can't resist 65 degrees on April 8th. Posted by Hello

JUst a few of the boats on Rainy River today. Posted by Hello

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Well I lied again

Mickey and I went fishing last night on a small lake that the Magic Man Lumpy told me about, we caught our limit of crappie but......none were bigger than my hand. I had a sharp knife and got 2 meals from the 2 limits so I guess it was successful. BTW... it was alot of fun, when the fish came in it was fast and furious.

I started my jig making today and it looks like golfing will start this week. I'll let you know what's going on...

Catch them if you can,


Friday, April 01, 2005

Dj spent a weekend on Red Lake with Marla and Vano. Looked like fun. Posted by Hello

Here's a nice Red Lake walleye. Its tough to find good help. I had to take the picture myself...Enjoy Posted by Hello

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