Saturday, February 19, 2005

Well I keep abusing myself by going fishing after my last night shift, although your doing something other than sleep it takes its toll. The bed felt too good when I got home. The fishing was great, no limits but caught many nice fish as seen below. Its nice to catch up on the gossip and talk of past good fishing trips with good friends. All in all a fun day of good fishing with a little bullsh*t thrown in for good measure. Posted by Hello

Nice to see the walleyes hanging around, next year they will be fair game.....till then drop them back into the hole. Posted by Hello

Al caught 2 very nice crappies. The left one was almost 16 inches....WTG Posted by Hello

Sunday, February 13, 2005

The Waiting Game

Well I'm telling you that I'm still around, just haven't had time to fish. Had to do some car shopping and should finish the deal up this week. Hopefully I can try some fishing this weekend. It should have been long enough that the pattern has changed and some fish will be biting(whatever). If I have the opportunity, I'll go.

Best of luck to all fishermen,


Monday, February 07, 2005

Took the kids out fishing on Saturday, Dj, Cade , and Austin. I also had the Mickman as back-up, but the fish were more than stubborn. Nobody had a bite!! Well it was the warmest day of the winter , I think it was close to 50 degrees. We set up the house, played outside, Pigged out on munchies and watched Videos. Probably won't have a more enjoyable fishing trip. Catch a few fish 4 me, I'm in a little bit of a drought but enjoying every trip....Steelheader Posted by Hello

The fishing was poor but the entertainment was always available....hehehe. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, February 02, 2005


The day after you go fishing you’re the most popular guy at work. You have the guys that want to know where you went, how many did you catch, and of course what was the hot color jig. Always you have the ones that say I could have told you they weren’t biting all you’re doing is wasting your time.

These are the fishermen that this is directed toward. They all have a list of excuses an arm long:
1) It’s too far to drive.
2) It was snowing the fish never bite when a front comes in.
3) It was too cold.
4) There’s slush on the lake.
5) Heard the pressure ridge was snapping and making too much noise.

The list goes on and on but the bottom line is that when asked how many times they have fished this year most say I’m still getting my tackle ready, the good fishing is still to come. That may be but unless you go fishing you will never catch a fish, or get skunked.

So when you think about packing all that equipment up(that’s another excuse I forgot about) and getting ready to go fishing you’ll at least have a chance for a fish or best case scenario a limit and the great meals they produce.

Chuckle to your self when the barrage of criticism comes from the local pros, then pack up your equipment and enjoy a great day of fishing. While they are enjoying the soap operas or possibly the local mall (be still my heart the excitement is too much) you’ll have the luxury of knowing you got off your fat *ss and did something today.

Best of luck on your next trip,


Tuesday, February 01, 2005


Monday after night shift I took another flyer to Red lake. Hate to waste a day sleeping so fishing won out........BIG mistake. Mickman and I sat for 6 hours and had two bites.....1 crappie and a perch. Word has it the night bite is better, it certainly can't be worse.

Walked over to another party of fishermen and they were seeing the same things....they had 1 crappie all day. I can say that it was the nicest day for fishing, temperatures got into the 30's and no wind to speak of. A bad day of fishing is better than a good day at work, we've all heard that one and I guess its true but a better bite would have improved the day.

OH! By The Way I did catch something else......A COLD, I certainly didn't get skunked....hehehe....Have a long weekend coming up and may try the night bite(hope, hope). Never give up is a stupid motto also, but boredom takes on many forms. Some might say SUPER BOWL, I'll look on the computer Monday morning to see who won, without Janet it will probably be awefully boring.

I hope you find better fishing where ever you go,


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