Friday, July 29, 2005

A Day On The Lake With Rudy

It had been a long time since Rudy went fishing on the second weekend of the season and I thought it was time that he had an outing on the lake. We set out on Thursday morning and went to Echo Lake for a pleasant morning of fishing. We went to all the hot spots and we caught fish….the down side was they were all small. Rudy caught about 6 to 8 fish so I think he had a good time fishing, I know he got some fresh air and a morning out of town.

I hope everyone remembers their parents and sets aside some time to let them enjoy some special times. I hope you enjoy the pictures of Rudy, he is a picture of determination.

Have a good day, Steelheader

Someone told me it was take a Grampa fishing day, well even if it wasn't an official day...I know I had fun. Posted by Picasa

Hi all. I got Rudy out fishing on Echo Lake We trolled twister tail all morning long and caught about 8-10 fisy sized crappies and 2northerns and a walleye. Great day...I had fun and I hope Rudy did. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, July 20, 2005


Today I had the pleasure of helping with “Take A Kid Fishing” a program that was sponsored by the Itasca Sheriff’s department and Pat Medure. I also believe that the Minnesota DNR assists in the program. I hope I’m giving credit to the right people, I congratulate all who help in the event because the smiles on the kids faces made our time well spent.

I have a small boat so I wanted only one youngster in the boat so Timothy was my first trip of the day. A soon to be third grader from Grand Rapids he said he was a season fisherman. We trolled with some crawler rigs and saw some perch action. After an hour of fishing we were 2 fish to two fish, a real tourney here….hehehehe. Sad to say the guide caught the next fish and off to the shore lunch we went. Thank-you very much Timothy for making this a great fishing trip for me.

Back on shore I touched base with the coordinators and looked down at my boat and saw someone sitting on the bow waiting. As I approached the boat I asked if he was ready to go fishing and Corey said you bet. He said my K-mart special boat parked next to 3 other boats that were $25,000 + was the boat he wanted to fish in because it reminded it of his Grandfathers boat. WOW it doesn’t get any better than that. Corey was going to be a tenth grader in International Falls and said he loved to fish Rainy Lake when he had a chance. We trolled along the island that Tim and I had caught fish earlier and had a few bites but no fish. I asked Corey if he wanted to sit in the weedbed and catch panfish, 20 or 30 fish later I said we had to leave because lunch was being served on shore. Corey said he wasn’t hungry and could we stay a while longer. Hard ass that I am we sat another 15 minutes and caught another half dozen fish and then off to shore lunch.

The only regret is that I couldn’t take more kids in my boat, there was a shortage of boats and some kids did not get to go out on the lake. Each kid got a rod, reel and tackle box to keep. Again I have say this is a great program and I hope that next year more fishermen can make themselves available. WTG sponsors.

Take a kid fishing!!


The kids got a kick fishing out of this boat I'll bet. I know I would. Posted by Picasa

One of the many guides that gave their time on the water today. Congrats! Posted by Picasa

Tim made it a beautiful day on the lake. Posted by Picasa

Meet Timothy my first fisherman of the day. In the background is a pontoon boat of kids fishing. Posted by Picasa

Every fisherman worth his salt should have a hat like Tim's. Sometimes you can't describe COOL you have to see it. Posted by Picasa

Here's Tim holding a Largemoth bass we caught. Posted by Picasa

Hey Timothy your right that is a perch. WTG! Posted by Picasa

Here are a few of the boats that Corey had to pick from. Thanks Corey you made my day!! Posted by Picasa

Corey said he was ready. Lets catch some fish! Posted by Picasa

One of the many Bluegills we found in the weedbed. Posted by Picasa

Corey was very proud of this Largemouth bass he caught. He said this was small compared to the 24" bass he caught on Rainy Lake last year. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Another Boring Post...I'll Try To Do Better

HELLO again I’m checking in with only text. I’ve been a little lax about hauling my camera around…..SOOORRRY. The fishing has been poor in the small lakes, the heat has slowed the catching down, you can fish all you want tho….HEHE.

Last Friday I came off night shift and was headed out fishing when Zach called me to ask if I wanted to play in a U of M fundraiser golf event at Eagle Ridge. I got sucked into this one and away I went to play golf on 3 hours of sleep. After registering and $75 lighter in my wallet my team was nowhere to be found. Ten minutes before the start here come the Dagel’s and away we went. To make a long story short we shot a 55 or -17 under par and won the event. My registration bag had a cheesy penant, a small football poster, a bag of skittles and 3 lollypops. I know this was a fundraiser but!! Oh well for winning the event I also got a shirt from the pro shop and the team split 2 skins so I figure it only cost me $50.

After golfing Zach and I went to Pokegama fishing for the evening and saw the sights but no fish. I was to take Mickey fishing Saturday morning and told Z. He said I want to go so I spent Saturday morning on Blackduck Lake with Zach and Mickey. I caught a 18” walleye, we all caught bluegills and Zach molested the smallmouth’s….He had a blast, he must have caught 25 of the little beasts.

Tuesday I played league golf and did well for a change, golfing is looking up I guess. The 85-90 degree heat is starting to wear us all down. My mind is starting to wander so I’ll wrap this up. I’m looking at a root canal tomorrow so until next week I maybe laying low with a work weekend.



Saturday, July 02, 2005

Playing Quick Catch-up

I'm going to try something different now. I don't have any amazing pictures or revelations so here's a list of my adventures since my last post:

-Golfed in league on Tuesday and lost to Paul in a close match....WTG Paul, confidence and talent won out....Maybe next time.

-I'm trying to ride my bike as often as I can...I'm feeling stronger every ride, tonight Mark R and his buddies passed me at my turn around point and blew by me. I kept my pace for awhile but they left me in their dust, 2 miles later my steady pace caught them and I left them in my wasn't a race but I think I suprised them.

-Had a wild hair up my ASS on Thursday night and I went fishing on a cloudy, windy evening before a storm. Fished till 9 PM and saw the storm coming, BUT then my trusty motor wouldn't run. An hour later and 3 miles of water behind me I had rowed back to the landing. No problem the storm had so much lightening in it I felt like I was rowing at noon! I was also ankle deep in water when I stood up in the boat at the landing. How much fun can one enjoy in a night. More I guess, there was also a tree that blew down and was blocking the road on the way out so 20 minutes later I had wrestled that out of the way and made it home by mid-night. BTW I slept like a rock and my back and shoulders still ache.

-Friday I brought my #*^%#$@^&^% outboard motor back to the guy who tuned it up in May. It was determined that my gas tank was bad and was vaccuum locked, if the new tank and hose works I'll take back all the names I called you.

-Friday afternoon I still wasn't done punishing myself, I went golfing. I guess when Shit stops falling on you it will feel they say. I golfed in a great 4 some and shot a 46 on the front and a 37 on the back, discounting the shitty front I guess there might be hope for my golf game after all. I HOPE!

-Today I started my 3 day work weekend. Damn I need the rest.

Later all,


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