Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Noni and Poppy at T-ball

Hey if you have a chance everyone should watch a T-ball game or practice...TOO much fun. Jackie and I watch the Cohasset T-ball league getting started and what a fun time. You have kids that have an arm and some that find throwing a ball an adventure. All but a few think the ball is a bomb being thrown at them, wow you have to do it some time, more entertaining than the Twin lately. Well I'm sure the learning curve for the T-ballers will be fast, cheer them on they need the support and you will get the satisfaction of 4, 5 and 6 years olds mature in the sporting world.

Enjoy watching the next Barry Bonds or Alex Rodriguez cut their teeth on the diamond.

Enjoy all,


Trying to score. Should I tag him?? Everybody should watch tee ball....What a riot....and fun for the kids. Posted by Hello

Look at that lightening speed, Cade's digging for second base....WTG!! Posted by Hello

Now when the batter hits the ball you run FAST to second!! Posted by Hello

Its a hit Caders....WTG bud!! Posted by Hello

OK now you can hit the ball when I step back....Please don't swing till I step back....HEHEHE. Posted by Hello

Now when the ball is hit to you this is what you want to do. Here's patience personified. WTG coaches. Posted by Hello

Eager to get going. What are we waiting for?? Play Ball!! Posted by Hello

Mixed bag of T-ball players. How cute can they be!! Posted by Hello

Sunday, June 26, 2005


What I feared happened!! I got into a golf tourney and I played sh*tty, but hey I guess I resigned myself to play poorly. The power of negative thinking. I’m sitting here gaming on my machine and feeling sorry for myself, I really did embarrass myself this weekend. I have to make a decision of how much time and effort I will put into golfing and is it worth the anguish. HEHEHE…I’m really sounding like a loser now.

I do have to apologize to Jerry thou, it must have been painful for him to watch me hit some of those shots, he was a great guy to play with. Thank-you Dave for not laughing at that 90 degree 10 yard wedge shot, I really felt like breaking the club on my knee.

Well Tuesday I have league and I will torture myself and play, hopefully I’ll be playing golf and not this sadistic game that seems to be my game of choice. If I think about what should be done I can play better BUT!!

Enough feeling sorry for myself, I hope your having the time of your life in Cali Zach, I’m sure George will look forward to your return and getting some work out of you, even thou the peace and quiet of the job site will be gone. Have a safe return to Minnesota, I’m sure Jeanette will enjoy some peace and quiet also.

Later all,


Tuesday, June 21, 2005

FLOG a sport in it self

Well I guess I've never been so disappointed and embarrassed as tonight. I played league golf....I take that back I showed up for golf and play some Horseshit variation of the game. I told myself that this year was an experiment to see if I could physically play without injuries. Now it looks like it's my head that is injured, I seem to not have a clue about golf anymore.

I will continue to golf in league until the team realizes that I'm a liability and then I can find some other activity to crash at.....HEHEHE.


Later Steelheader

A Week of Slow Fishing

Sorry to be lax again in updating the blog, working night shift and some internet problems have made for good excuses. To get you up to speed with the fishing it starts back on last Wednesday night when Jeff, Zach, Ashley and I fished above Winnie Dam in the rain. We worked our butts off and caught 1 walleye, I think it was the bad weather and the high water but we tried.

Thursday night I took Jeff to the honey hole on a dry night actually, and we caught enough for a nice fish fry. Jeff had to get home and bring his boat back north, he's pre-fishing for a bass tourney on Vermillion on Saturday June 25th....GOOD LUCK Jeff.

This Tuesday Zach, Mickey and I fished Round lake on a truely beautiful day. You can see by the pictures that we got our share of sun that evening. The fishing was slow because of the lack of wind and bright skies, but we caught 2 very nice walleyes as you will see below. I always said that can only pick your days to fish and then you hope the fish are biting. This last week has been tough to find active fish but we found some great days to fish.

Last night I took Tom fishing on another great evening. We caught 1 fish 20" and released it, this stretch of nice weather should start a good fish bite soon, but I haven't talked to a fish yet that will agree with me....HMMMMM. I guess the best part of the evening is we were alone in a back bay and the beer was cold. Sometimes this all you can ask for.

Well tonight I have golf league and am looking forward to a warm evening of golf.

I guess I'm up to date, catch them if you can.


Zach also found a fish over the slot, nice catch and release. Posted by Hello

Mickey needs to smile more, especially holding a fish like that. Junior you can look forward to getting to Minnesota and hooking onto one like this. We'll try! Posted by Hello

A nice 4 pound fish caught last Thursday, it had to be released becaused of the 17"slot size. Nice to see some big fish aroung though. Posted by Hello

Jeff and I spent a relaxing evening fishing, the rain has stopped falling but the fish bite has also slowed. I guess you can't have both. Posted by Hello

Monday, June 13, 2005


Just when you think you’ve seen it all there is another fishing story to tell. It starts out at the end of TJ’s bar on a busy band night. DJ and Bakes said we have to go fishing on Sunday afternoon, so the tale starts here. Bakes and I left town at 2 on Sunday to pick up David in Rapids. We headed north on 46 with not a clue of where to fish but the guys were looking at the county map trying to pick a lake. When I got to Round Lake and with still no decision I said Round Lake it is.( I make executive decisions all the time). The landing was busy with fishermen coming off the lake, 2 fish in this boat, 4 fish in this boat, it wasn’t looking good. The wind was calming down and the sun was shining, how could it be a bad day for fishing.

We motored out to the bar and there were 15 boats on and around it, either the fish were biting or we were in a group of die-hards. We made a drift by 2 anchored boats with no bites or fish seen caught. I decided to backtroll a little deeper and pass on the other side of an anchored boat next to a marker buoy. I picked up a nice fish and as we got closer to the boat they called to us and said fish next to them. They said in 2 hours the 3 of them had caught 30 fish, Bakes said I can anchor and jig fish, this could be fun. The guys in the boat said don’t cast just drop your line over the boat and bring it up an inch off the bottom. As I dropped the anchor DJ let down his line and 20 seconds later he had a fish. UNBELIVABLE. In the next half an hour we boated 10 fish and missed as many. We ended catching 18 fish in this spot with 2 releases for over the slot size and 1 that got off before the net man (me) could get him in the boat. Zach I wish I could have tortured you with vertical jigging….Too much fun on a beautiful day.

You can always take advice, Thank-you guys you made our night fun,


Here's a serious fisherman just chilling. Said it was too nice fish yet...ITS NOT RAINING! How true Bakes without the rain it too easy! Posted by Hello

Bakes was lagging behind in the catching department but here he had a nice keeper. Posted by Hello

David pulled up this 22" fish. Posted by Hello

What a day! Posted by Hello

Here's a 20 inch fish that was released to be caught again. Posted by Hello

Dave and Bakes holding up a very nice evening of fishing. Posted by Hello

I really don't know how this got into my camera, ET must have paid a visit. Who is this masked man? Posted by Hello

It's nice when I can watch someone else clean fish. Bakes and DJ are pretty good at it too. Posted by Hello

A Pain Machine Morning

Well it was Saturday morning and it wasn’t raining, praise be, a bike ride was in order. I jumped on my pain machine and took my camera to show you what the trail looks like after the trees have finished leafing out. As much as I ride for the benefit there is some sights that we all take for granted.

I hope you enjoy the pictures and remember the differences from 6 weeks ago when I last took my camera biking.



I'm starting to see more bikers and skaters using the trails. Posted by Hello

Some of the man made beauty of the landscape. Posted by Hello

This years monsoon is helping the trees make a great growth spurt this year, here you can see the new growth at the branch tips of this pine tree.  Posted by Hello

It amy be hard to see but there is a great Blue Heron standing on a rock. Every ride by here and you see different birds and wildlife. Posted by Hello

Saturday, June 11, 2005

A Sweet Aftenoon of Fishing

Friday morning coming off night shift…I want to golf or fish. I look outside and it’s raining….SH*T. I promised myself that this year I would not start a round of golf in the rain, HMMMM am I starting to get smart in my old age. So what’s next on the list of things to do…FISH…You can always wear your rain gear in the boat to stay dry.

Zach has a day off from building his Dad’s house because the concrete needs to dry so an afternoon fishing trip is planned. I know I don’t need to twist his arm to get him in the boat. He suggested we try for some crappies on a lake he grew-up on. We found some crappies but all were too small so he suggested we play around and see if we can find some walleyes. He said we may not find them in the day because the lake is crystal clear and most fish are caught at night.

Needless to say we found them, I caught a 21”, a 22”, and a monster 29” walleye. Zach found a nice one himself a good 21” fish. Although we were well short of our limit we found some quality fish and had a blast…..AGAIN!!

Zach says we should enter a tourney soon….Chuckle, chuckle. Lets just keep having fun Z.


Zach catches a nice 20" eye. Posted by Hello

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